When blockchain and metaverse is mentioned together, getting to know what the advantages of blockchain offers to metaverse becomes the order of the day. These two are going to work hand in hand in when fully implemented, the purpose of metaverse will be defeated it does not feature as a "blockchain metaverse". This is because it is not supposed to be stored by a centralized network.

Metaverse in it real sense is the concept of the virtual space that can create a new Internet using 3D virtual and augmented spectrum, that is, the collection of interrelated virtual worlds. It will be merging real reality, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR). This will lose it meaning if it was stored on a centralized network, it has to be decentralized which is where blockchain comes in.

Technologies that are currently existing will have to work together to make metaverse a success, existing technology like blockchain networking, crypto networks, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and altcoins), Extended reality, Mixed reality including AR/VR, Non-fungible tokens (NFT), amongst others.

Metaverse is connected through individual nodes worldwide, there will be no specific platform that will be required to access any digital space. Unlike this Internet of today that has its content available in the form of apps and websites. This infers that the metaverse will be offering a proof of existence to every digital thing, which makes sense as digital assets would not be gotten from thin air every now and then.

There are advantages of 'blockchain metaverse' to users:
=> Users stay in control of their personal data.
=> A centralized network will not be in charge, as the metaverse works on decentralization.
=> With the blockchain feature, metaverse will enable users experience more autonomy within digital spaces as digital spaces are emerged.
=> It affects the global economy of the physical world positively as digital assets (NFTs) and Cryptocurrency booms.

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