Welcome to Influencers Spotlight! Today we have with us Nosike Pascal, a pro trader and coach with years of experience in the field of trading.

OKExAfrica: A short introduction; your name, where you are from.

Pascal: Nosike Pascal Reigns
I’m from Owerri, in Imo state.

OKExAfrica: How long have you been trading crypto? What is your experience like so far?

Pascal: I would say I started Trading early 2018. It was as a result of the bull run of 2017 and what it turned many people into. I decided to see what’s in play for me.

OKExAfrica: How actively do you promote crypto to your community and how do you promote it?

Pascal: I promote Crypto through active educational impartation. I encourage everyone to get the learning and also be able to earn to trade.

OKExAfrica: Why do you feel cryptocurrency and blockchain is important to Africa?

Pascal: Africa has only been seen as a receiving continent. So Crypto currency and blockchain should be an edge for advancement and growth. This could help elevate people from low state to a better state.

OKExAfrica: What’s your experience so far on OKEx? Why do you use and recommend OKEx?

Pascal: OKEx has been a wonderful and worth worthy Exchange that tends to really help us maximize the full benefits of Trading. As a global partner and a Crypto enthusiast, OkEx should be one of the very first Exchange one should engage on for trading so I recommend it.

OKExAfrica: Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we hope you continue to enjoy your stay on OKEx.

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