Welcome to Influencers Spotlight! Today we have with us Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe, a pro trader with years of experience in the field.

OKExAfrica: A short introduction; your name, where you are from.

My name is Tola, Founder Crypto Masterclass. I am from Ondo state but based in Lagos, Nigeria.

OKExAfrica: How long have you been trading crypto? What is your experience like so far?

I have been trading cryptocurrencies since year 2017. In summary, it has been a fantastic experience.

OKExAfrica: How actively do you promote crypto to your community and how do you promote it?

I promote crypto to my community daily using my social media platforms including WhatsApp stories, Facebook stories, Instagram stories and Twitter fleets.

OKExAfrica: Why do you feel cryptocurrency and blockchain is important to Africa?

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is important to African because we are far behind catching up with technologies and innovations. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology will also help us become more accountable and transparent in areas like elections, recording keeping and financial transactions.

OKExAfrica: What’s your experience so far on OKEx? Why do you use and recommend OKEx?

My experience with OKEx has been interesting however I look forward to more implementations and markets. I use and recommend OKEx because of the UI, safety and security.

OKExAfrica: Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we hope you continue to enjoy your stay on OKEx.

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