NFTs are here to stay, it is only normal for crypto enthusiasts to get involved in it one way or the other. Non-fungible Token has changed the way we see digital assets and how we access them, it has paved the way for artists and owners of original contents. Even investors are not left out as they can buy original digital assets and hold/sell for more profits based on their discretion.

Traders also benefit from altcoins backed up by NFT projects, they flow with the fundamentals to earn profits. This means everyone in the blockchain sphere is directly or indirectly affected by NFT in a positive way, the technology behind it is intriguing even to those that are in the space just for the tech.

Exchange sites are very instrumental in NFTs, they are pivotal in the minting and much more the sale of these NFTs. They serve as the common ground for those looking to mint NFT and those looking to buy them on a friendly platform, a platform where they can be sure they will get the best deals without having to worry about the legitimacy of the exchange.

OKEx, a leading global cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, launched a decentralized digital asset ecosystem. This decentralized digital asset ecosystem is called DeFi Hub,it features NFT marketplace alongside DeFi Dashboard as the two core products.

The NFT Marketplace has been a delight for NFT enthusiasts, as anyone can buy, sell and trade NFTs directly, with zero fees paid out to OKEx. It is an end-to-end NFT platform built to empower creators and inspire collectors. Anyone is welcome to mint NFTs of their choice, with ease and no restrictions. OKEx is fully into the development of art and entertainment through NFTs, creators and artists can now enjoy their fans' support by selling their minted unique collectible piece.

Creators are also given the flexibility to set their own royalty fees on NFT marketplace, the royalty fees will be paid to creators every subsequent transaction on NFT Marketplace's secondary market. The NFT Marketplace also lets users import NFTs that have been generated on other supported platforms.

"The NFT market is growing rapidly in popularity, creating a need for a comprehensive system for managing NFTs"
OKEx Director Lennix Lai

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