Metaverse means a lot to the blockchain space, everybody in any part of the world will be able to participate in real decentralization with ease. It will be easy to navigate through from any part of the world, interacting with different types of virtual worlds. Although metaverse is still in its early stages and not fully functional for users users to interact with, but every has high hopes on it.

It is not controlled by a central authority or a company, everyone around the world have a say in it. And this is the real meaning of decentralization, and Metaverse loses it meaning without this. People are currently been encouraged to be a part of metaverse by investing in services, architecture and also its development. There are two ways Metaverse works, these shows why it is different from the platform-based Internet we have going on at the moment.

1) Portability
This simply means that any content that finds it way to the metaverse will be easy to move to other applications, and the content cannot be changed, modified or taken down. Contents on metaverse is not siloed.

2) Decentralized Nodes
As far as Metaverse will be concerned, its nodes and network is not dependent on a single server. It does not need a single entity to process, the nodes are decentralized. Leading to the consensus mechanism that promotes high-level security.

There are many technologies that are involved in the creation of Metaverse, these technologies are a combination of 5: internet, 3D items, Open standards for media, Open programming language standards and decentralized ledgers, and smart contract platforms like Blockchain.

=> Internet: Metaverse uses a decentralized network of computers where no centralized authorities like the government are required. The power is in the hand of every user, the real community.

=> Open Standards of Media: It uses 3D items, audio, texts, images, geometrical figures, sequences, vectors, and any other combination of other digital media, Pixar’s USD (Universal Scene Description)and NVIDIA’s MDL are great platforms to explore to achieve interoperability for the 3D Application

=> Open Programming Languages standards: This includes language standards like javascript, HTML, WebXR, WebAssembly, WEB GPU shader language, and many more.

=> Hardware: Extended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR) Hardware like Smart glasses, holoLens, haptics, and Omni treadmill.

=> Decentralized ledger and Smart Contract: Blockchain technology is used to achieve the best metaverse experience. Blockchain technology offers highly secure, transparent, permissionless transactions. Blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, ethereum, Theta, NFT’s and so on. It offers excellent opportunities in the field of Metaverse. It makes it publicly available and provides support to the blockchain metaverse ecosystem.

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