Welcome to Influencers Spotlight! Today we have with us Amb Michael, a pro trader with years of experience in the field.

OKExAfrica: A short introduction; your name, where you are from.

Amb Micheal: Olufojude Micheal Oluwaseunayofunmi, Graduate of business administration, From ogun state but based in Lagos Nigeria.

OKExAfrica: How long have you been trading crypto? What is your experience like so far?

Amb Micheal: I have been trading crypto as far back as 2017, started off with blogging on Steemit and then moved slightly to doing otc trading and then spot and futures trading in early 2018. So far it’s been wonderful, I learnt a lot in the 2017 bull run and then the bear market and that has been the foundation and motivation in this space.

OKExAfrica: How actively do you promote crypto to your community and how do you promote it?

Amb Micheal: I promote crypto day in day out, even on my Whattsap status and I am always available to answer any question crypto related, even my mum has an Okex account and she trades occasionally even tho I have to give her signal most of the time.

OKExAfrica: Why do you feel cryptocurrency and blockchain is important to Africa?

Amb Micheal: The blockchain operates without need of a central authority and also a very powerful tool that stores information, therefore the African continent needs to adopt blockchain technology to aid in the operations and development because the blockchain is decentralized, transparent and very secure.

As far as cryptocurrency remains a deflationary asset and a means to store value then it is definitely a good adoption for African because of its numerous advantages, you can perform transactions anytime and any day unlike banks that operates certain hours of the day.

OKExAfrica: What’s your experience so far on OKEx? Why do you use and recommend OKEx?

Amb Micheal: My experience so far on Okex has been wonderful overall, the customer service is top notch and responds as swift as possible, there hasn’t been any history of hack on Okex and that has been a boost and a tool I used in convincing people to use Okex. The last issue where funds were locked for a month, I was buying crypto via internal transfer in other to keep some of my trades users and to further assure them that Okex is not scam and ultimately has no history of hack.

I use and recommend Okex because I believe the team has a vision and I am keying into that vision to make the world a better place and to ultimately to be self independent in which Okex has offered me in diverse ways.

OKExAfrica: Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, we hope you continue to enjoy your stay on OKEx.

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